Best Free Site123
Has a fantastic free plan
Beautiful UI
Variety of professional looking templates
Fantastic customer service
Huge library of free images

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SITE123 is a fast, easy, free and no-code website builder that lets users build a website without requiring prior design and coding experience. It boasts an extensive library of ready-made templates, as well as tools that let users customise the language and regional settings, and it has a customer service and tech support team that is helpful and responsive. Site123 is a great website builder for those who just want to create a basic website.

8.8Expert Score
Easy, free and no-code website builder

Site123’s drag-and-drop editor makes creating a professional website easy.

Ease of use
Value for money
  • Has a fantastic free plan
  • Beautiful UI
  • Variety of professional looking templates
  • Fantastic customer service
  • Huge library of free images
  • A little pricey if you need more features
  • Limited customization

SITE123 is one of the best site builders for small business owners. Editing and navigation are extremely easy. Everything in the dashboard is super simple to access and editing tools are very intuitive. Although SITE123’s platform is full of interesting and useful features, we did feel limited on occasion. Though many features are native to the website builder, SITE123 leans on third-party integrations fairly heavily. That said, the intuitive UX combined with drag-and-drop technology makes the overall editing and customization of your website a breeze.


  1. Site123 is very easy to use as it relies on the drag and drop feature to design websites
  2. Beautiful user interface
  3. Variety of templates to choose from
  4. Their customer support is fantastic
  5. A lot of features are accessible in the free version
  6.  Huge library of free images and templates 


  1. Site123 is lacking in the plugin department compared to other popular content management systems.
  2. The customization is a bit limited compared to platforms like WordPress.
  3. The paid plans are relatively more expensive 

Pricing and plans

Site123 has lots of different price plans depending on your needs. This includes a limited free plan to help you get started. Plan length ranges from 3 months up to 120 months, and the longer duration you choose, the less you pay.

  • Free plan: Free for life on a limited basis
  • Basic plan: From $4.64/mo to $17.62/mo
  • Advanced plan: From $7.42/mo to $25.96/mo
  • Professional plan: From $8.81/mo to $36.16/mo
  • Gold plan: From $12.52/mo to $43.58/mo
  • Platinum plan: From $22.01/mo to $90.41/mo

A free domain is included with all plans with the exception of the free plan and three-month payment options. All plans allow you to connect an existing domain to your Site123 site. All plans come with a 14-day money-back guarantee.


After a considerable amount of time with SITE123’s site editor, I can say that it is easy to use, but not intuitive. There is no drag-and-drop functionality, and you’re locked into the designs that SITE123 makes for you. I created a website from start to finish in less than an hour, though. If you need an easy-to-use site builder that doesn’t require you to design anything yourself, SITE123 might be a good fit.

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