Cardd review
Simple to use
Good, clean templates
Can be used as a landing-page

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Overall Rating

Users who are just starting to learn about websites and prefer a simple solution will love Carrd. This is a great option for those who only need a brochure website to present a product or showcase their portfolio with a few photos. Carrd is a good choice for small business owners as they can create landing pages or brochures online with the pages created by it. Carrd doesn’t allow you to have an online store or blog, so it can’t be used by anyone who has more serious web design needs.

6.3Expert Score
Good for one-page websites

This is a great option for those who only need a brochure website to present a product on a simple one-page website

Ease of use
  • Easy to use
  • Good, clean templates
  • Can be used as a landing-page
  • Limited in feastyling
  • Slow loading, can affect SEO


  • No time is needed to study and learn how to use features; it’s straightforward.
  • Good for creating responsive and elegantly designed landing pages, it also has a library of pre-made templates.
  • Carrd’s templates, even on the free plan, are clean and attractive. Think of Carrd as suitable for a digital business card, a portfolio with a few images, or a simple landing page.


  • Carrd has major limitations in elements and styling. If you want to create a blog or even a simple article, it’s not going to be easy.
  • Loading time is slow and it is not optimised for SEO. Google analytics integration is not included in the free plan.
  • The lack of search features in the help center makes it time-consuming to find what you need.

Pricing and plans

Cardd offers 4 pricing options, ranging from $0 up to $49 a year. Cardd also offers a free trial. Take a look at the different pricing editions and decide which edition and feature best suits your needs and budget.

Free plan.  Carrd offers a wide range of professionally-designed templates that you can browse for free. Your website address will be located under the subdomain

Pro Lite ($9/year). 3 sites, premium URLs, no branding, high-quality images, large images and videos, no element limit, Pro templates, video uploads, slideshows, site icons, share images.

Pro Standard ($19/year). 10 sites, custom domain URLs, simple forms, widgets, embeds, Google Analytics, meta tags.

Pro Plus ($49/year). 25 sites, custom templates, redirects, password protection, updates frequently, advanced settings, download sites.


Cardd provides a unique and optimised creation of a high performance website. We believe its ease of use since it helps us create pages in the cloud for our ventures, whether primary or advanced, it has an editor well designed to adapt to taste. Also a particular personalization of the users who use Carrd to guarantee a pleasure so that they can achieve their dream in the least amount of time and energy possible, and it has a very new interface with luxurious thinking at first sight.

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